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Surrogacy Programme

Surrogacy has been a boon for millions of couples who wish to parent a child but is not able to do so. This is opted when all other means of conception has failed and they have experienced multiple failure in IVF or pregnancy. It deals with a simple agreement wherein a surrogate mother agrees to carry the child till birth. Once the baby is born the child is handed over to the commissioning parents. In simple words it is renting the womb of another women till birth. You can avail the services of a Surrogacy Treatment in Delhi from any clinic or hospital in India. The services offered here is quite up to the mark and the amenities available too are quite remarkable too.

India has some of the most lenient rules for Surrogacy Treatment Centre in Delhi as compared to ones located abroad. To be eligible for this the couple must have completed 2 years of marriage and must be able to produce all the related documents. Here both Indians as well foreigners can opt for Surrogacy Treatment in Delhi but it is not allowed for by LGBT’s, live in relation couple, single men or women or even fertile couples. This is the last option for couples who have no other means for having a child so it is strictly forbidden for healthy parents who can conceive.

Some of the Best Surrogacy Centres in Delhi and NCR have all the facilities from arranging the surrogate to taking care up to birth. It is the responsibility of the clinic or hospital to arrange an ideal surrogate and take the necessary medical tests. This is done to ensure that she is capable of giving birth to a healthy child. Again the law strictly forbids payment of any expenses other than the amount to be paid for her health expenses.

Now once the surrogate is decided the Best Surrogacy Centres in Delhi and NCR will proceed with the treatment. The sperm and egg from the couple will be fertilized in the laboratory and placed in the womb of the mother. Now in certain cases the doctors might recommend the use of donor egg or sperm or both due to certain medical reasons. This will ensure healthy embryos and couples can proceed with better confidence. Now once the baby is born the child will be handed over to the parents and as per contract they cannot refuse to decline on any grounds. This is done to protect the interests of both parties and those who do not obey will have to face strict penalty.